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Best Ferrari F2004 Wallpaper With 2 Pictures

Michael Schumacher drove while dominating Formula One in the early 2000s sitting between the dominant 2002 and 2004 cars the o3 machine made heavy weather of a title fight that boiled down to a showdown with the McLaren of Kimi räikkönen which was effectively a year old car that served as a wakeup call to Ferrari. Ferrari and the following years F 2004 was one of the greatest f1 cars of all time but when It. it first hit the track even Ferrari couldn’t believe what he was seeing after shaking the car down at Fiorano Ferrari to the F 2004. 2004 to M. M Allah or it Could.

could be tested back to back against its predecessor the team simulations admittedly not as sophisticated as they are today suggested the new car should be Half. half a second faster but Schumacher was already lapping to second quicker rather than patting themselves on the back for the car Being.

being So. so fast Ferraris engineers were convinced something was wrong the first assumption was that the Car.

car was under way presumably because the mechanics had forgotten to put the ballast in once that was Ruled.

ruled out Ferrari began a 12hour investigation into what could Possibly. possibly have gone wrong to cause Such. such a big gap Between. between the two cars while this was going on a beaming Schumacher was insistent that the pace was real and the F 2004 was just that good more backtoback tests with the 2003. 2003 car were arranged for the following day as Ferrari Tried