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Top 3 Hoonicorn V2 Wallpaper Good Looking

be the best one maybe I’m a little biased it’s not just a guest it’s it’s more of a family ordeal here we have someone you haven’t met yet that you need to know what’s up for it what up guys boys tell everybody what you brought us what your role is who are you for us Who am I let’s start there cuz that’s the easy part I am shop manager and race spotter for Hoonigan racing ken block yeah and this machine that was brought with us today in this machine this is a 1965 Ford Mustang. Mustang affectionately known as the unicorn this one is actually the only one we have but it is version 2 yeah it looks really cool and it’s obviously a bit different these big Johnnie’s hanging out those guys just chilling usually we ask you know hey what’s what’s kind of done To. to yet what’s not done To. to it what is what has not done to this it’s obviously not a 1965 Mustang only original metal panels are the a and B C pillars and roof skin the roof action Is. is though that Is. is not actually off of a 65 Mustang house it here at one point you can hear it oh yeah metal metal metal metal C and from all the s And.

and everything else I’ve.

I’ve seen I expected a carbon fiber roof And. and there is a lot of carbon doors are actually more or less original to the Mustang