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5 Pictures Rat Rod Wallpaper Good Looking

of put them together did a great job so uh so so so so do Applause so so do do do so okay awesome so sorry Applause so oh yeah so so all right all right yes Oh. oh um That’s. that’s so quiet Applause Applause Applause so do Do. do so next Laughter great yes glorious is so dog so a little shoebox Applause fox oh um um hmm hmm um hmm do so do so do yes great color . do and they said that if it Gets. gets hot it’ll crack from there in between hurricane harvey from the fence pickets they’re they’re cedar pickets yes sir wow and they were this friend of Mine.

mine gave them to me i used to build houses and i built cars so kind of put them together did a great job .

reminds me of an old texas store saying that kind of stuff oh roadside Stores.

stores we got More. more cars to look at yes Applause you so hmm so so Applause my it’s still got the mat in it oh yeah Thank. thank you that’s why it didn’t look this when i first got it oh yeah they Get. get more check the sun it’s got little work seats in it we’re good and solid floors oh my oil chain Stickers. stickers six or a fireball eight I. i can’t remember okay they’re probably always missing yeah that is Cool. cool low backings original vents it’s the honest car that’s cool do so so do do let’s go so first __ absolutely bitching we’re here at the lone star roundup preparty just outside of taylor texas appreciate everybody watching Uh.

uh the big infrastructure that’s going to millions And. and millions of dollars do thank do right This.

this is just incredible what a great turnout and that car looks Familiar. familiar oh that sounds good Applause very cool at least the one over there in the hood where my office is all of this area so so nice not two Though. though yeah . oh you’re fine i appreciate it oh it never Gets. gets any redder than that Though. though feel i’m on the low side my huh . that’s what that little sprinkle Was