Car Wallpaper

Favorite 7 Lykan Wallpaper

keep it reckless not a __ to play with move wrong this __ could get ugly i’m not a regular person i’m stopping by honey bands writing this buffy made away in my life now look at me now nobody can say i got lucky . Applause i got some funny feelings walking up massed up scooted up hey catch em by the stove up the pole shoot it up hey switch up on the glock make em hop double dutch __ i could be A. a fantasy i Can. can tell you got big d energy it ain’t too many __ That.

that can handle me but i might let you try it out the hennessy make up saying to this __ a melody and if you be a chain right on this carousel if you catch my drifting Wheel. wheel all of my young __ losing their life cause they don’t know its life that is outside the Trap.

trap __ be telling us if we don’t dribble the ball then maybe a __ can rap __ on the block ain’t moving at work he got the weed the coke and the perks i know a couple Bloods. bloods but i know a lot keep stuffing all these honeys till my pockets hurt i just go about morals i don’t care about who i’m popular right around in the New