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Best 9 Dodge Charger Widebody Wallpaper Good Looking

again today have one of the most powerful limousines in the world for you today we are talking about a really beautiful american africa namely the dodge Charger. charger srt8 we still have It. it here in the model year 20 21 an affix to the name because the charger here is called the charger r/t hellcat wide. body, why well, the charger here always comes as standard with a beautiful wide body and i really what this wonderful red key is all about, what it is with me and the vehicle power We. we will find out in detail today If.

if you have air after The. the about your dream for ca then also to have a look at Our. our huge partner in liesing there come over and now I wish you a lot of fun with the dodge charger se holds adx and me yes they worked under the hood with powerdome and air here in V8.

v8 ko mpressor engine with 707 hp and a maximum firmness of 881 newton meters, so it then manages. its sprint from 0 to 100. 100 in just 3.7 seconds in launch control, which is really strong overall, we have a really very retro modern look here, which we then for Example.

example can also be recognized at the front by the sporty radiator grille or by the curved bonnet so that the V8 Here. here is just a lot of space to work here at the front of the radiator Grille. grille we then have a Nice.

nice central frt on it with the screaming cat just because it simply conjures up this unmistakable look Of course, there Is.

is also a front lip if we then move further to the side, we have a really nice Brembo brake system here, it is a sixpiston brake system which, in combination with the electric steering and with the adaptive dampers from Bilstein, offers just this excellent performance here In our case, the brake system is red and I think it Matches. matches this Is. is wonderful with the exterior color here the color of the black Is. is called pitch black is one of 13 exterior colors that you can choose here for the charger and i think the combination will be insanely mean and aggressive you moving 20 inches just we have every now and then 20 inches I think the vehicle also needs to have wider shoulders, of course this is not only due to the tires but also to the wide body kit because overall it has gained 9 Cm.

cm in width I would to have one too reveal the complete vehicle dimensions because we live here with a length Of. of 5 Meters,. meters, a width of almost two meters, i.e. a Meter. meter 99 and a height of 1 48 and i have to say it just says incredibly stately and evil here next to me here on the side there is a small roaring hellcat so that We. we Can. can clearly see the Motorization