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Best Dodge Challenger Demon Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

out to compete with anyone else in the industry we started out working from our background and being the best version of what we could be because we are completely different we are not trying to be a sports car we’re not trying to be a pony car we’re trying to be a street strip muscle car and there’s no one Else. else in that space we decided very early on in the project that the key to success on this car was going to be the last 10 and I don’t mean the tenth of a second in the quartermile I mean that last tenth of effort That. that was going to push you beyond an interesting stat into a stat that had never been Done. done before I mean you start at the top of the List. list drag radials no one has ever put drag rails on a car they’ve been available in the marketplace but they’ve never Been.

been put on a production car that’s a first that we’re very proud of transmission no one has ever put a trans brake in a production car no one has used the air conditioning System. system to cool the inner core’s The. the demon engine is allnew it’s Not. not a tuned up Version. version of our health care engine the only part That. that carries over the cylinder Head.

head we Dec honed the block which is something you see on highend racecar engines new crankshaft new Connecting.

connecting rod new Pistons new Camp Chef all new valve Trains