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koenigsegg been at the forefront of the motor industry producing some of the most innovative and exclusive cars in the world this is the evolution of koenigsegg the Origins. origins of koenigsegg started in sweden when christian von koenigsegg started the company as a kid christian was just many young boys fascinated by machinery and cars when he was just five years old christian saw an animation from norway about a bicycle repairman who built his own Race. race car after seeing this he couldn’t get over His.

his dream of Building.

building his own perfect sports car 17 years later christian Founded. founded the company when he was just 22 years old that makes Me.

me wonder what i’ve been doing with my Life. life un other car companies toyota that Produce.

produce thousands Of. of cars in a day koenigsegg only produces a limited number of cars at a time for instance only six koenigsegg cc8s were ever produced and this exclusivity comes at a very high price so high that only incredibly rich people can afford them just Two. two years after founding the company in 1996 the first designs christian made were turned into a prototype the koenigsegg cc prototype was the concept Vehicle. vehicle for other models That. that would be produced A. a feature that made koenigsegg unique at the Time. time was the detachable and storable roof that could be stowed in the front hood Originally. originally the engine was supposed to be A. a standard audi 4.2 liter V8. v8 engine but since audi and koenigsegg Couldn’t