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Favorite 9 Good View Audi S1 Quattro Wallpaper

lce and i today i have nice guests whom i am allowed to introduce to our sport quattro this is what you have here with the sport quattro 1985 built on our dynamometer, currently 700 . Hpat 2.4 bar corresponds to a vehicle weight of 1060 kilograms maximum we had in it 1080ps and weight is the same as the chassis was of course optimized with kw coilover kit v3 with . Lightbbs racing rims with the kkk 27 turbocharger the whole story started .

In1993 with a very ordinary golf 2 139 hp which of course was tuned from the beginning has increased to a g60 up to the eventual 14.2 golf but at some point we noticed in 1996 there was a vr6 turbo engine then they built that one very spectacular thing and relatively quickly the way . Tothe corrado, corrado was that clear younger the coupé shape for me and then it went on and then when you found ok 600 ps in a frontwheel drive vehicle is having an .

Accidentin a corner doesn’t really .

Makesense . Theway has to . Besomewhere else in many years the floor pan from corrado or . Cutout the whole thing was converted in the direction of allwheel drive or synchro golf 2 rally and there was one clear improvement of the whole thing at that time which was not possible to build on 4motion but had to on the synchro drive that was a bit tricky and didn’t really last and therefore the word fourwheel drive has more or less deserved it must be something else then somehow the way to audi allwheel drive .

Andlongitudinal installation optimal power distribution that was so that it interested me , then the way there went back s2 fivecylinder then started the career and went also 600 700 hp were a bit too unspectacular at some point .

Itwas said that there is one short model from audi , there are 200 of .

Themgiven piece i .

Hadnever heard or .

Seenabout it but then after the . Firstinfo actually flashed from the car and said . Okayguys let’s build .

Ourthing and audi has it nothing else does in 1985. so we started buying two cars, cut them up together welded and in the end the car came out that i . Builtthree times until i always sold the bodies again because everyone thought the bodies were so great and my first car was then really in the short version 2014 there. before that, there .

Werea couple of long sport quattro editions in 2011 and in 2014 we started with the short ones, then .