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Best 8 Images Honda Integra Wallpaper

let’s take look at this 1998 honda integra and i’ll show you why that was the pinnacle of an era . 100pts per for many it’s a big question i already have that on the city heard but are tegra actually very rare because this is a dc2 that actually existed in europe from 98 to 2001 in Contrast. contrast to The. the other Integra. integra generations because not many germans have decided to say yes i want a japanese car which revs super and 48.000 d mark cost you treated yourself to something European for the price and we look and you what did you get back then and how much is behind this highspeed legend to say meier fidel that is the only car with frontwheel drive that I would drive actually managed to implement This. this where you look concept engine and driven axle in front actually so d ass all the driving dynamics you say yes ok the car actually deserves it somewhere so first they are in The. the room technology before You.

you go round and Look.

look that i don’t really get the Challenge.

challenge for the Money.

money the money but he actually gets you right away to find the one that is sold here in germany jan with the design you already have the first topic here at the front what do You. you only have a nice front on it because most of the cars you buy maybe still have A.

a standard front and another sporty variant That