Best 20 Bmw Hd Wallpaper

Hello everyone, This is a BMW i8. The sports car is one of the most special. In the world, because this car carries a concept from the future. So, according to BMW. And you can see the link above if you want to know more about the details of this car. But, now we will not talk too far.

Regarding what details are in it. Because now this car has been allowed to be taken to the highways in Indonesia. And this is one of the first opportunities to experience this car. How does it feel to be on the road? Is the traction that this car offers is worth it with its stunning appearance. This car has a price of 3.5 Billion Rupiah Off The Road. To be precise, 3,499 billion Rupiah. This means that in the On The Road condition, it is around 3.9 billion Rupiah. This means this car will be in the range of other sports cars such as the Porsche 911.

However, in terms of shape. There is nothing like this car in the world. Perhaps, BMW is bringing in designers from the future. To design this car because this car is even for the common eye. It immediately looks futuristic. Even for automotive experts, he seems to have come from the future. And the details that this car offers are so stunning. It was starting from the front of the muzzle with a flat double kidney logo. It reminds us of the old BMW M1. Then, the whole body design is not just for aesthetics. But also for aerodynamics. These existing air holes are prepared to drain the wind efficiently and adequately.

In this car including this hole which. Even if it has no function, it will make this car look very exotic. But this has a process to drain the wind. The body is made of carbon fibre. And the frame is made of aluminium. So, the Lifecell is to protect the driver from carbon fibre. Meanwhile, the driving force sits on an aluminium monocoque chassis. The muzzle of this car is long, so there is a camera in front, this will help you when you are. Want to park and not see the muzzle of this car will already be hit by a bump or not. There is a camera, as well as a lamp for the Indonesian market. It uses LED type. And he can also follow the direction of the steering wheel. But it was not yet using the latest technology from BMW, namely laser light. You can use laser light for cars in Indonesia. But you have to add another cost of around 170 million rupiahs.

The gasoline engine of this car is located at the back. And there are two ways to open this compartment. The first is from the button on the door. Then from the button on the remote. I can’t show you the machine. Because he is closed, and only BMW mechanics can open the cover of this engine. However, behind this deck was a unit. Only the blocks are the same. Who is in front and drives the front wheels. Because this car is a Hybrid. Nearly 3000 Watt. 4-5 hours to charge the battery from empty to full. About 9 kWh. 13,500 Rupiah. Very light. Series 7. Smart Keyless Entry so that even if it’s locked, you touch the lever, and it will unlock itself.