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Favorite Porsche Racing Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

second practice qualifying coming up later today but it’s time to go racing on this satellite clock one circuit with the first race of The. the first round for Sure. sure Water. water security Carrera Cup Australia qualifying early this morning scintillating stuff Richard crowd with Jackson Evans breaking through for its first Carrera Cup poll and it’ll have download alongside him out of soup a whole bunch of personal West’s in qualifying this morning Channing it just sets the Same. same for what everyone in the paddock is looking forward to a mouthwatering Porsche Carrera comes australia charity security BC 26 brand new generation . 991 gt3 Cup cars have got 405 horsepower is a record time team qualifying early this morning we expect the Raceland record To. to go at some point this weekend it’s currently held by Shea Davies at 120 to 139 this should be properly good motor race ready to go then with Carrera Cup that first race of the season Wilson security Coming.

coming on as the New.

new spots of brandnew cars 13 pros 13 Tag Heuer pro amps the field has literally doubled yearonyear from last season it’s Going.

going to be an exciting one if qualifying was anything to go by to be Jackson Evans as Dale would of the front row watch out for former super car drivers reigning champ Dave wall And.

and also James Moffitt he’ll return to this series For.

for the first Time.

time in the Decade. decade outside row number three Anthony Gilbertson He