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i understand why me and my Partner. partner are such a good match i get excited when i smell food and become super alert when the doorbell rings my girlfriend shelly becomes ecstatic when she sees a person who she just saw five hours ago this joke is about dogs dogs get excited when they smell food and when the doorbell rings the girlfriend is excited to see someone she just saw five hours ago Which. which is a trait of dogs it comes closer to human level intelligence than gpt3 which was already Beating. beating humans on general knowledge and sat analogies another incredible new ai was asked to draw a bowl Of.

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can create images from Text. text descriptions teddy bears mixing sparkling chemicals as mad scientists a koala bear dunking a basketball or my favorite a raccoon working late into the night making a yes as he realizes his latest book is an audible best seller through deep learning the ai understands objects and the relationship between them so if you ask darli to create an image of a Koala