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Best 9 Images Rs7 Wallpaper

by autodopanal my name is max and today we’ve got a recurring guest this is the rs7 we had last year with 750 horsepower it was red back then and it is the Rs. rs eagle rs7 this is andrett’s car and he took it to us well around a year ago and we absolutely loved his car it is one of the coolest rs7s i’ve ever driven it was mega quick it sounds insane and it was tango red back then so if you haven’t seen that make sure you go check that out first in the top right corner 750 horsepower and then come back here because it has 950 horsepower now absolutely insane so today i’m going to show you around It. it i’m going to show you the things ended has changed to his car and Then.

then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old man for northman blast but before we begin check out rs eagle on instagram so as i said last time it was tango red this Time. time it is satin black so this is a satin black Wrap. wrap it looks so freaking angry and stealth and man It.

it just looks so mean i really i’m not a big Fan.

fan of matte black cars in general but i Do.

do think that this is a pretty sick look with those tinted headlights super dark And. and It. it just it looks It.

it Wants. wants to Eat. eat you basically uh which is really cool so we’ve Got