Favorite 22 Photos Bmw M4 4k

This is the usual BMW m4. This thing costs one hundred thirty-five thousand dollars, and it’s more like seventy thousand rupiahs which means that the m4 GTS is double the price of a regular m4, so is it worth it today?
I’ll find out that I’ve borrowed this m4 GTS from a considerable car viewer and enthusiast named David, who runs a car dealership here in suburban Philadelphia. Called car II limited, this car is part of David’s collection, and he just got it, and he was lucky to get it because there are only 700 m4 GTS for the whole world, and there has been some controversy about this car.

Part of that comes from doubling the price tag of the regular m4s, but this car is also known for its rugged terrain clearance and new water injection. Jeremy Clarkson mercilessly mocks the system in the trunk at the Grand. Tour, so my perception of the m4 GTS is a bit negative about all of this, but here’s something I learned that was odd.

The water injection system helps the m4 GTS produce more power than the regular m4 a lot more energy. The car has 493 horsepower, which is 70 more than the standard m4, and 443 pound-feet of torque which is an additional 40 pound-feet over the m4. Sure, you have to refill the water every 1,500 miles or so, but who cares?

I’ve been killing to get an extra 70 horsepower and 40 pound-feet out of every car I drive just by filling it with some water every few weeks ago there were weight and savings styling now, this car has been ridiculed for having a large rear wing, and its front ground clearance very low low and have this painful exercise.

Seats, but don’t we commend Porsche when they do the same plus, it seems to work this car is 24 seconds faster around the Nurburgring than a regular m4 and as fast as the so-called Porsche Carrera GT does 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds.

The M4 GTS is a serious car and, of course, also has many exciting quirks and cool features. Now definitely one of the most talked-about and exciting oddities of the m4 GTS is the water system which is installed in the trunk, so this is where you access it, open the box lifting the carpet in down, and that’s where you pour in the water which isn’t too hard one of the exciting things about the system is when you finish driving the car, the water comes out on its own, so they don’t sit there and rust when you turn off.

M4 GTS, you can hear water type cycling throughout the system. It’s a little weird now. Another distinctive feature about the m4 GTS is that the front end is shallow, and BMW hasn’t made things more accessible because they’ve put in a giant piece of expensive carbon fiber and furthest the forward and lowest point on the whole car so as you drive around.

Rory’s a little worried it’s going to be a lot to worry about scratching this thing and having to pay for a new carbon fiber splitter now talking about the high ride, unlike almost every other BMW tip. The car has no electronic buttons in the cab to adjust the suspension. Instead, in this car, they give you a small m4 GTS toolkit. It lies in the trunk. You open it, and you find all the tools you need to adjust the suspension on the track. Now some people will make fun of the m4 GTS for this, and I admit that even I found the toolkit to be a bit of a gimmick but keep in mind the audience for this car is not mass market. They are not trying to sell it to everyone else, making 700 of these for most car enthusiasts dedicated have a toolkit for actual track usage.

Something that makes sense when you think about who is going to buy this next car some style differences from the standard m4 other than that your front splitter has a big looking rear wing and a bit out of place in this car you have this too. Typical wheels with gold trim could do without the rear wing, but I like the wheels. The m4 GTS also has some substantial weight savings compared to. The regular M4 for BMW says it’s about 80 pounds lighter. Take a closer look and you can see it everywhere, for example, over the manual seat and a hundred thirty-five thousand rupiah.

BMW door panels have a unique light trim with no door pockets where you can put whatever is weird there is still a regular door, but you have to pull the door closed with this cloth circle in the middle you will see an empty switch for climate control and an open button for heated and cooled seats that goes there are more blank switches here I am don’t even know what it is because of course, the back seat has also been removed to save weight and replaced with this giant gold-colored roll cage.

To match the gold wheels, it turns out to be the type of color this car is, for example. There is also a gold stripe on the top of the steering wheel so you know if it is in the middle and there is this gold GTS logo on the passenger side which looks a bit like this car too