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Favorite 9 Classic Mini Cooper Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

my toaster here actually my classic mini now i’ve had this car for i don’t know a year and a half now and i thought i’d do A. a year and a Half. half update and let you know what classic mini ownership has been whether or not you should do it some of the pitfalls i have Fallen. fallen into and some of the life hacks i think that’s The. the popular Word.

word online that you can utilize in order to make the most out of mini cooper ownership now why would you want one of these cars well first of all the italian job second of all mr bean and third of all it is just one of the greatest little cars ever made now the classic mini of course is a british icon and if you’re watching in the uk you’re what of a mite who cares and that was very australian but The. the point is here in the us these things are pretty unusual and they’re actually pretty valuable and they’re kind of a weird wacky and wonderful thing so that’s why i’m making this because they can be hard to find and get your hands on whereas if you live in london you’re probably whatever this is a boring . but anyways for those of you not in london let’s talk about why you would want a classic Mini.

mini here in the united states first of all you don’t see them that Often