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6 Nice Pictures Nissan 240sx Wallpaper Good Looking

more bro don’t tell Mom bro don’t tell mom I on my second carpet oh don’t tell her it’s just the wheel I’ll get the wheel replace Man. man just don’t whatever you do do not that on YouTube man it’s not good okay it was one time that I ran into a street bull one time this cars this cars the Mona Lisa bro just don’t record alright what’s going on guys it’s me Alex from fitment industries and in this episode of so you want we’re talking about the car that people bought when they turn 17 because they saw Tokyo Drift then let it set the garage for two years before declaring it a loss and selling it to someone else to do the same exact thing there’s probably one of the only cars that teach us about disappointment and you know if You’ve. you’ve ever been in a relationship in high school I probably the only other time that you’re taught Disappointment.

disappointment but today we are talking about the Japanese level car of the world the Nissan 240sx Applause Applause If. if You.

you haven’t yet hit the bell button so we can keep making awesome s this one and if you haven’t d yet look at all these educational s you’re probably not seeing right now let’s guys sure it doesn’t race dudes got some fake carbonfiber part I know that he’s covering up a crack with all these stickers Everywhere