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Best Bugatti Chiron Wallpaper With 15 Pictures

above very very exclusive and tomorrow it’s all about the bugatti surgeon in sport that saw the jaguar fzr was only in quotation marks my transport vehicle he Has. has me brought here to the bilster berg and when i talk about exclusivity then i really mean it because i ‘m really the only one Who. who is shooting A.

a today i was invited to exclusive test rides for the last acceptance rides on The.

the bilster berg And. and I.

i have a look down here placed by the fan at the entrance to let my nervousness run free a bit, to be honest , because we call you at the bugatti, then big things are coming up , let me put it that way, and that actually makes me nervous Or. or so happy with excited and I would to explain to you very briefly how that went before it really starts wo kart ieren plan called four days ago so canceled very very Very.

very very quickly but what next week wednesday time i just said yes Even.

even though i didn’t know what it was about the girls who called me then said yes it works actually about the pastor and you are allowed to film and you are allowed To. to ride how ride we. don’t know exactly yet they are just last acceptance rides and these prototypes are this and that’s all really dangerous and the book mountain isn’t easy it’s the racetrack we’re looking at and you Can