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now head to the airport just gonna do my makeup really quickly i’m just to be wearing these very comfortable mom jeans this body series from wolford i’m going to be wearing a jacket over top so i’m not cold on the plane of course but this is the outfit i’m only doing makeup though because i have been trying to do better At. at just looking better at the airport essentially um usually i’m . a sweats On.

on The.

the plane kind of person but but i’m gonna try getting dressed up today and see how that helps my see how that Affects. affects my overall airport experience let’s get ready and i’ve already packed my toiletry bag and my makeup bag so this is me using the makeup that’s already in in my makeup bag and i’m gonna do a full face so that way i can you know identify if anything is missing from my Routine. routine as i Do.

do my makeup because this is basically the products that i will have to use when i am not here in My. my nars Foundation. foundation i went back to using this one this is the right light reflecting one i haven’t used this in a long time because i felt the Shade.

shade was a little bit off but right now my skin tone is in a weird place it’s i’m almost At. at my summer shade but i’m also not at my winter shade anymore so my skin is just In