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12 Photos Tesla Model Y Wallpaper Good Looking

experience the tesla model y for over two years the model y is an incredible car and i’ve loved it but even with its soaring popularity in demand it’s clear that this car is expensive electric cars in general are still pricier than other vehicles and while many parts of the cost of Ownership.

ownership can often be far cheaper than a gas vehicle you still tend to Pay.

pay a premium with a tesla however The. the premium is often less than people expect today i’m going to break down the true cost of ownership for my model y after 2 years 25 months to be exact and 34 235 miles i’ll break Down. down the cash price with taxes and fees how that has increased today what my charging cost has been insurance and more so let’s get into it and a special thanks to huel for sponsoring this this is the most uptodate true cost i’ve Made.

made and we’ll be adding a few extra categories to be sure we’re extra accurate here of course everything i calculate will be an estimate to a certain degree i haven’t tracked every Single. single cent that i’ve put into this car and it’s tough To. to be 100 accurate but We’ve. we’ve gone through diligently to break down everything especially charging the model y i purchased was the long range allwheel drive in red with induction wheels and no full selfdriving at the time of purchase the base price of my model y Before