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5 Pictures R32 Gtr Wallpaper Good Looking

japanese resto vehicles in conjunction with some of the legends of the industry today we get the extreme pleasure of experiencing the built by legends Mines. mines r32 gtr mines is based out Of. of yokosuka japan and was started in 1985. the mind’s tuning philosophy focuses on maximizing the balance of power handling And.

and Breaks. breaks the kudasan mind’s founder believes that the Communication. communication between The. the driver and the car is essential i had the pleasure of spending the Day. day with nikudasan A. a couple of years ago i was able to tour the shop see some of their incredible cars and even go on a ride with the kurdistan in the mines r35 gtr knowing all of this the bbl and mayans r32 gtr is bound to be amazing what’s up guys welcome to a little bonus we are here at ours day uh i have a pretty exciting one for you guys today we’re driving it probably one of the sickest r32s ever built so for this segment of the i’m actually not brian from top rank i’m brian from built by legends nice job so we’re going to have brian kind of explain to you guys what this gtr is and what i’m Actually. actually about To. to drive it’s this has been in the works for for so long and now It’s. it’s actually here and completely yeah um you guys have already a little easter egg there a little mine’s badge let’s let’s get into it So. so uh built by legends concept here is that uh we build a car with Some.

some of the most legendary uh people in their fields uh In.

in japan so interiors includes robson leather they’re the best in japan yoshida The. the complete chassis refreshment and repaint they Are. are the best in japan mines i did the engine arguably one of the best In.

in japan rb28 as well yeah rb28 and then we’ve got uh you know raised wheels olene’s coilovers so really just kind of using the best Stuff. stuff putting it into one car all of the best minds building what we think is the quintessential as good as It.

it gets r32 gtr and just real quick i know a Lot.

lot of people what about the crs i’ll tell you right now the crs program without worry it’s pretty cool but they don’t touch The. the interior they’re not doing a lot of the things that built by legends are doing they’re not doing chassis realignments back to factories pack they’re not doing complete repaint so this car really takes it a step above what the crs program does And.

and it Shows. shows it’s awesome not only all of that but i don’t think you mentioned all the dry carbon bits oh exterior so front rear bumper wing roof um not on this car okay so front bumper rear wing rear bumper anything else i’m missing so uh not on this car but on the 33s And. and 34s we’re doing Carbon