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Top Evo Ix Wallpaper With 7 Pictures

9 now those of you who don’t know much about this I’m going to start off by talking a little bit about it comparing it to the SDI because a lot Of. of people are either Evo STI Evo SGI so I’m going to give a little history about the car Nautilus in history from a toy little about it so we Can. can get Some. some of the answers and some of the you know main topics out of The. the way and then we’ll jump into waiting the way that it drives me that feels because I won’t be honest I’m really really excited to drive this car so this car is a 4g63. 4g63 fourcylinder now this is a 2.0 liter engine and compared to the similar generation STI it has a 2.5 fourcylinder now obviously they’re both boosted but since this is a smaller engine it relies on the turbo to make more of that power Which.

which is why the Evo makes power very Very.

very easily as compared to the STI that kind of strove To. to make that powerhouse now because of that a lot of Evo’s are known to give trouble here and there because although they’re either they can Make.

make easy power pretty easily I’ve heard a lot of horror stories I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard a lot too but no Evo owner will ever admit that to you now I’m very gracious to have my buddy ace here let me drive his evo And. and he’s had nothing wrong with it and he hasn’t got Anything. anything oh my god I hear the turbo already Well. well couldn’t help it now a says that it hasn’t Had. had any major problems at the car and He’s. he’s running just basically all bolt ons which is Rare.

rare because with Evil. evil neither typically don’t see that many that many stock ones because a lot of people’s to make them A. a powerhouse which I Don’t. don’t blame but I’m actually really I’m really curious to see how this car drives because it’s pretty close to stock When.

when I got I said you don’t see that very often oh my gosh the and and I I wanna I’m.

I’m on turbo I don’t want to Ravel and now I’m finding this clutch for You.

you to be heavier than I thought it would be I mean it’s not it’s too heavy but it’s definitely something that would take getting used to because it definitely heavier than my BRZ and definitely happier than most WRX is st as i’ve driven oh gosh that’s nice that’s real nice man that’s good one of the first things that I’m noticing so I said this car is boosted am feeling boost coming on around 3000 now I’m going to be doing a lot of comparisons to the STI because that’s this cars Main. main competitor the rally Allwheel. allwheel drive car so I’m feeling boost come around 3000 and comparing It.

it to an STI I. I typically find those SDI’s