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Top 9 Innova Crysta Wallpaper

also first time this 2.4 engine comes with the sixspeed automatic now does it have enough power for this big heavy vehicle is performance adequate let’s take a look the Toyota. toyota innova Crysta. crysta has been around since 2016 and is the undisputed king of the mpv segment the 2.4 diesel automatic we are driving today isn’t as powerful as a larger 2.8 it replaced but what toyota has done is upgraded the torque with the 5speed manual gearbox the 2.4 engine makes 150 horsepower and 343 newton meters of torque but with the automatic torque has been increased to 360 newton meters Actually. actually identical to the larger 2.8 liter engine more torque equals more pulling power and that’s exactly what this load hauler needs so how much of a difference does it make well time to start up Applause so as ever a bit of bitter batter at idle and when you step off actually quite A.

a decent amount of torque and a nice surge forward it pulls forward in a clean manner and below around 3000 rpm it even feels pretty smooth yes you know this is a diesel For. for sure there’s a bit of a grumble every time you put your foot down but at these speeds at these low and medium speeds refinement levels aren’t too bad the Move. move to bs6 emission norms tends to smoothen up the diesel engines and the effortless performance comes from the increased torque the biggest surprise however is Just