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6 Pictures 911 Gt3 Rs Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

in porsche 911 991 generation gt3 rs next to me is the new 992 generation gt3 and we’re gonna have a drag race to see which is the quickest Over. over the sun In. in quarter mile yes i know we should be racing them around the nurburgring or something but drag race is it more fun Let. let me tell you About. about this gt3 rs it has A. a Four.

four liter flat six naturally aspirated motor sport derived engine which revs all the way to 9000. puts out 520 horsepower and 470.

470 newton meters of torque drives the rear wheels only via seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox one of the best dual clutch gearboxes in the world Ever. ever that gt3 is rather similar so it Also.

also has the same engine pretty much though It. it has 510.

510 horsepower the same 470 newton meters of torque same dual Clutch. clutch automatic gearbox same rear wheel drive system it’s so similar weight’s different though massively different this comes in at 1430 kilos well that it’s a whole five kilos heavier 1435 kilos pricewise this when it was New. new was about 141 000 pounds this one with all the kit on it though was about 185 000 pounds though now today the value of This. this everyone Gonna. gonna try and buy it off the owner who is a chap called rob Galvin. galvin by the way so thanks rob for lending me your car 220 000 pounds gt rs cars will make you money not losing money that Gt3