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Top 9 Good View Aston Martin Vanquish Wallpaper

car you to take to the riviera but this is britain so we don’t have a riviera so I took it to the Isle of Wight instead and here we Are. are in counts this is old story shops selling heavy jumpers pumps selling heavy so the Vanquish seems out of place it has A. a new Type. type of chassis which is theoretically very very movement and the body’s Made. made of carbon fiber you might imagine then that the Vanquish is modern British cuisine juice drizzled onto a spot of rocket but no it’s a proper old state and kidney pie this it actually weighs more than the db7 and that’s made of angle grinders and church pews the locals didn’t seem unduly bothered about the excess weight Though. though and that’s the Best. best thing about driving a van fish even though how much house can You. you get for that the Isle. Isle of Wight Really.

really still time I the state Asians windows What. what have you got for the price of a vanquish then that house there detached house three bedrooms lounge whatever one of those is three bedroom house for about the Same.

same as the Aston would you rather have that house or that car good girl definitely liquor that’s a 6litre 460 horsepower v12 engine you could attach that to your house and Still.

still do nought to 60 in five seconds so in a car Let’s.

let’s bend just hellos You.

you out of the Corliss you just floor it back Fast. fast car properly fast car so much power it’s not just the power either it’s the noise listen to this I could get All.

all flowery now and tell you it sounds lightning but actually What.

what it sounds is Tom Jones bending over to pick up the soap wine Is. is in the showers in ones with Meg that noise ready it is a wonderful noise and I love the way this car looks . I love the interior I the match I the fat James Bond has one I its Britishness you find yourself welling up as you growl along and a waver it feels as though I’m driving around in Douglas Barda himself Douglas murder the Vanquish has something’s a gear lever look instead I’ve got these Formula One style paddles behind the steering wheel righthand side to change app lefthand side to change down then that means you have to keep both hands on the steering wheel which is fine In. in Formula one no one talks on the phone In.

in Formula One or eats and you try doing A.

a threepoint turn here look I’ve run out of Ireland I’ve Got.

got to do one so reverse pull both of them that’s neutral push that Weight. weight now still Hasn’t. hasn’t yep we’ve got reverse now here we go back up so I’ve got to get my foot off the brake and before we’ve rolled into the Atlantic I’ve got To.

to hit the Accelerator. accelerator but I mustn’t hit It