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Favorite Mr2 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

going i’m not sure if you guys have seen this thing in the background of the s we kept it parked under our little Covered. covered storage area steve’s a good friend of ours and they brought this whole rig down here so they could race during the winter time while the weather’s nice In.

in florida because there’s no racing going on in colorado But. but now that the racing season is starting to start back up In.

in colorado they’re ready to take this thing back down that way and uh jamie’s down here right now to get that back for them fly in and drive home yep flew in last night got up early this morning He. he had to go pick up their stacker Trailer.

trailer from the freedom factory and stuff that and then he’s rolling back out all the way to colorado yep they are putting it through right tandy i would love To. to know how many miles you have on you as a person i should probably start keeping track of that i mean i’m sure it doesn’t compare to semitruck drivers but you know you got a lot of miles you’re always driving so me and brittany actually added up a while back Between. between my the three trucks recently so that’s in the last three years there’s 200 000. 000 miles between the three of them yeah you’ve been driving so crazy oh we got someone going by Speed. speed racer it’s A.

a honda but i’m Sure