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complicated in it you’ve got turbos and dcts and whatnot some people are actually looking for something a bit more simple nothing that you don’t want but everything that you need basic but I. i Mean. mean basic in the best way possible now the suzuki desire makes a case for itself by being a top choice for firsttime car buyers or those that want to replace their 20 year old family automobile it’s got all the basics covered the essentials really basics again i mean that in the best way possible now on paper it’s got good fuel economy it’s got pretty good looks better than the previous generation the question is How.

how is it fair in the real world so can connect you to get The. the best quote from multiple dealerships and near you you can request and compare quotes from any Dealership. dealership in the philippines get the best deal without a deal under the hood you’ve got a 1.2 liter fourcylinder engine that produces 82. 82 horses and 113 units of torque mated to a Fivespeed.

fivespeed auto gear shift transmission bit complicated but we’ll get to that a little bit later on paper though however Those. those two put together this guy can do 12 kilometers per liter that’s a gasoline engine and that’s doing that in the city so really not bad now all around the cabin it’s Back. back to basics in here and again that’s not a bad thing no frills around here but nor is It