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Top 7 Pictures Alto 800 Wallpaper

well so here is the maruti alto 800 and it’s a car which doesn’t really need any introduction so i won’t really give it one except i will tell you that this is the best selling car in india so let’s find out what makes it such a big hit and What. what makes first time buyers really go for this one well today i’m inside the cabin of the maruti suzuki alto And.

and the quality is just about okay it’s nothing great but it’s not bad either well overall cabin quality inside the alto is pretty consistent and there are A. a few hard plastics but it’s quite over considering the price of this car well in terms of practicality it’s a decent place to be you get a decently sized glovebox there’s a small tray where you can Of. of course keep your cell Phone. phone wallet or your uh spectacles i have and there’s one big trailer where you can keep your big one liter bottle from your home and apart from that there is also a small cup holder but the door bins aren’t large enough to house anything except maybe your newspaper And.

and that to fold it completely flat well in terms of seat comfort the support for the lower back is very good but the seats aren’t really very long or very wide which means that for Longer. longer but the seat squab isn’t very wide or very long which means that if you’re a tall Adult