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Best Corvette C4 Wallpaper With 14 Pictures

Autohaus and RS Automobile in Heidenheim to introduce you to this wonderful Corvette c4 and to my left or right is Mr. Spurleder who is the seller of this vehicle and I Am. am interested The feature of this car is that there is a German version and which is different from the US version, so here we have a 1994 corvette c4 lt1 in a rare , as it is called, the export version Which.

which differs from the export version In. in some common things We can see it or we know it and I’ll start right here at the front, we look at Bike. bike extensions that are really just exclusive to This. this model that we wouldn’t otherwise find on the Corvette as standard and which are factory installed There are fog lamp covers. They are more aerodynamically integrated into The. the body and not as much inside as they usually do and what is very, very Rare. rare , for example, this version is not entirely on the side Marker.

marker lights. Neither in orange nor In.

in red for the US versions, yes they are simply not available are really much less in form then this is the 94er special export version with only 281 hp specified instead of the Normal. normal 300 Hp.

hp which after research i don’t know one hundred percent but what i have researched is probably because Because foreign regulations in some countries were limited to 280 hp at that time. And Because. because the Americans probably didn’t want to Make