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Favorite 6 Porsche Gt2 Rs Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

 __  my friend sam otherwise known as the dude on instagram he shot me a message and he was hey man do you want to go out and take some photos sometime i’m yes of course let’s do it . Andi would really love . Tosomehow incorporate these which are some sunglasses from cool light technological glasses that’s the name of the company anyway they look this oh hang on . Hangon hang on . I’mgonna .

Takesome .

Photosof these today all right and before i forget if you want to get .

Thesei got these off amazon i’m gonna leave a link in my description where you can get them but yeah anyway so sam shoots cars and we haven’t actually decided what kind of car we’re going to be shooting for today and he actually said it’s more or less going to be a surprise for me so i’m not actually too sure what we’re actually going to be photographing and also before we go .

Anywherei’ll be giving away a 35 f 2 and a 45 f 2.8 from sigma so if you want to find out how .

Youcan win either of those lenses stick around to the end of this . . oh this is such a cool location it’s . Adouble spiral car park. thing i can’t actually say i’ve ever seen this in my life so world first on the such a sick photo location i definitely think we’ll be able to take some really cool photos here but i still have no idea what exactly we’ll be shooting if we do get a sunset because sometimes on these rainy days sometimes the sun does just peek through at the end and you get these hectic angry sunsets . Sothat might be really cool to shoot with kind of just feel bad for faye because she’s got this really tight skinny outfit and it’s cold as  __  right now some days i’m just glad i’m not a model . holy  __  dude oh that car is just overkill hey what’s up man oh my . Godnice to meet you yeah i’m good thanks how are you yeah good good lousy weather yeah i know oh actually i love this . Weatherpersonally yeah you see the tires you know there’s too hard so i have to do 90 on the highway because you go all over the place there’s no there’s no uh how do . Yousay no attraction yeah there’s no attraction because it’s race tires . Soit’s just oh my god that sounds very illegal no it’s still legal it’s illegal still legal .