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manufacturing or printing as you know it for rollsroyce 3d printing is the description that is well known and well used to cover many methods of creating 3d components from 2d layers this can be in plastics metals and has been around for perhaps 20 years additive layer manufacturing As. as we know it is where Layers. layers of powder are put together in layers and then We. we selectively melt only the areas that we want To. to keep so In. in only melting the material that we want we maximize material usage And. and minimize waste and were able to do this process quicker 3d printing technology allows you to create shapes and forms not possible from conventional manufacturing processes now What.

what we’re Doing. doing is really bringing the designer and the Manufacturing.

manufacturing engineer Together. together to further prove the process Industrialize. industrialize the technology so that we can realize production to aviation standards aerospace is a really challenging environment for manufacturing and that’s still the Case. case but Because.

because we are creating the component shape and the Material.

material simultaneously it’s far more complex but then can be far more rewarding the Trent xwb 97 that is destined for the flying testbed ship from Darby in August 2015 and will Fly. fly later this year so the future of manufacturing is digital its global its 3d printing