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Top 10 Good View Black Porsche Wallpaper

in you didn’t know this is the brand new 911 and solo there are loads of s online talking about all the differences and what’s new but today we wanted to Talk. talk about the spec and the different options you can get what’s important what’s not and so if you’re specking up a brand new order today or looking in the market for A. a used one hopefully this is going to help you ok so one of the first Things. things you’re going to want to choose is the color for your car so there are four base colors which are no cost option you have black white racing yellow and gods red this is actually the black I think it looks super cool super stealthy and it’s a low cost option you can spend a bit more and Get. get the jet black metallic option other metallic colors GT silver and a Kate gray also very good colors to go For.

for you can they’ve also got a few new colors I think this one called gentium blue which Is.

is very Nice. nice a baturin green looks very good you have dolomite silver you can spend Even. even more money to get one of the special colours crayon which is very popular at the moment you also can get love or orange why me blue but for me I love this Color. color it’s just flat black it is one of The.

the hardest colors to keep clean but it’s definitely worth Putting