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there are few names that come to   mind. Henry Ford. The Wright brothers. Thomas Edison.  But there’s one name that is not as recognizable.   When you plug your phone in, turn on the  Lights,. lights, or use the refrigerator, you have   Nikola Tesla to thank. This is the story of The . the  forgotten genius and the story begins at the end. On January 7, 1943 a maid working at the New  Yorker Hotel walked into room 3327,. 3327, where she   found the body of an 86yearold man who  called the hotel home For. for the past decade.   Tesla died alone and broke. He lived off a diet  of warm milk and crackers and was obsessed with   feeding the pigeons outside. One of the greatest  inventors of all Time. time faded into obscurity and   died penniless. There is a reason why this  happened which will become clear by the end   of this story. Tesla was born in the town of  Smiljan in presentday Croatia on July 10, 1856.   He was Born. born during a lightning storm. According to  family legend, the midwife said halfway through the   Birth:. birth: this child will Be.

be a child of darkness to  which his Mother. mother replied, no, he will be A.

a child   of light. Little did she know how prophetic those  words Would. would be. When Tesla was five he witnessed   his older brother fall from a horse and later  die. This would haunt him for the rest of his life.   As a child, he began Seeing. seeing visions accompanied by  flashes of light, Confusing