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13 Photos Mini Cooper S Wallpaper Good Looking

it starts if you didn’t want to make a note of that don’t hot connect it because i really introduce it every day with jesse new car and We. we conjure up His. his Halo. halo on sunday then to the right now you have what of and my hoarseness are worth a bit and now it’s quite interesting because the car i’m going to present to you today i live that i love Why. why i have mini cooper s 11 56 in my garage and what we have with us is the most extensive facelift that this third generation has received so far here is the fw 55 5 door i’m slowly getting to an age where i still think a bit do i need more space is it maybe the five door after all what’s new now that looks this Of course it looks a bit new on the outside, the color on the inside is new and we have more assistants. I think you really want everything about this find The. the most beautiful car on the market at least as a threedoor and know the advantages of the fivedoor then Stay.

stay tuned right now to the ich bin der jahn then it starts with me and a little kiss for The. the thing in life that i love the most yes and now of course you talk first were his cooperation partner goalie they are of course laughing their heads off because of My