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Favorite Chevy Nova Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

going be doing a test drive in a 1969 nova it’s got a 1969 model 396 under the hood nice clean car all the way around This. this is a Fourspeed. fourspeed Nova. nova should be a fun test drive if you’re new to the hit that button i try to post s every single day Check. check out for financing and shipping information all right guys it’s about that time let’s go full ride kind of look around the interior before we take off go ahead place your bats do you think doe horn works it’s a really Clean. clean nova it’s gonna be a good test drive I. i believe we’ll get Down. down on her a little bit see what she does um it’s showing 19. 19 miles on the dash i want to say somebody’s Changed. changed this smile or this uh cluster out here they’ve also put a newer model Radio.

radio i love the gauges Down. down by the shifter looks . everything’s starting to come up we got to stop And. and get some gas below a quarter tank the temp gauge is coming up down here oil pressure’s up blower motor is Blowing. blowing really hard it’s fairly new i’d say Radio. radio it’s nice wipers they work porn works every time We. we got the rpm sitting here an old tachometer i call it rpm gauge you know it’s the same thing if you don’t it whatever barely new seat belts in this one go ahead and get them on we’re Going