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Top 8 Dc5 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

cheap anymore we have very different opinions on this whoa we switch seats oh yes this is evil territory sorry hello world welcome back To. to accelerate and welcome to 2022 and our first feature of 2020 yes indeed now before we get started don’t forget to because we’ve got some really really big plans coming up this year and you don’t want to miss it yes but back to today we’ve got elliott’s honda integra type r dc5 We. we are big hondas on the Yeah.

yeah i’ve never been near one of these So. so no it’s one of those cars always admire them from a five always want to get behind the wheel so uh let’s just get started so The. the Integra. integra dc5 was launched in 2001 until 2006. 2006 but they facelifted It. it in 2003. yes which i really i’m really not a fan of and i think i believe the majority would agree but Don’t.

don’t get me wrong i don’t think this is age bad at all no still even today it looks fantastic and it does you’d never think that this is 21 years old no well the dc5 always had big shoes to fill i mean the dc2 was always rated as possibly The. the best handling front wheel drive car Of. of all time despite the lack of power and everything obviously the b18 and the uh the previous generation yep k20 and these yeah um a legendary engine in itself i mean stock Power