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Favorite Aston Martin Dbs Superleggera Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

the and the most powerful Aston Martin Road car to date it’s my first time in the car and obviously first thing I’m gonna do is launch it Say. say we go my god Oh. oh now it’s flying in third it’s just flying this is this is insane need to calm down that was absolutely bonkers you may think the DBS looks familiar well that’s because it’s based on the DB eleven however that car is designed as a grand tourer this is a super grand tourer now it doesn’t mean that it wears a cape and solves Crime.

crime it means that the performance is super and that’s thanks to some key upgrades which I’ll just run through now the 5.2 liter v12 twin Turbo. turbo produces 725 horsepower which is 150 more horsepower than it produces in the DB eleven it also has nine hundred Newton meters of torque now that performance upgrade hasn’t come from any mechanical changes all they’ve done is reflash the ECU the engine was always capable of that performance they Just. just turned it down in the cheaper Girl. girl the DBS is fitted with a nut rated and strengthened 8speed flappy paddle Gearbox. gearbox to cope with his engines added performance that said the engines talk is still limited in first and second gear to stop the gearbox from exploding for added stopping power and reduce weight you get carbon ceramic Brakes. brakes as standard and their 360 millimeters on the rear and a whopping four hundred and Ten