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more interesting modern sporty cars most of the reason for that is the rotary engine which I’ll get to shortly but it isn’t just that and if you’re looking for a quirky fun sporty car and you’re tired of seeing all these Nissan 370z Xand Mustangs and challengers and BMWs you might consider this today I’m going to review the rx8 To. to find out if you should I’ve borrowed this rx8 from a viewer here in the San Diego area and I’m gonna start with a little background now The. the rx8 came out back in 2004 and it replaced the Mazda rx7 after a tenyear gap in Mazdas North American lineup but while the rx7 was a twodoor twoseater the rx8 had four seats and it had four doors two normal front doors and Then. then two half sized rear Doors. doors the rx8 was sold in North America from 2004 to 2011 and you could get it in one of two ways with a manual Transmission. transmission Or.

or with an automatic if you got the manual you got 238 horsepower and about 160 pound feet of torque but the automatic Was. was a penalty it dropped you down to just 197 horsepower later Mazda bumped the horsepower rating of the automatic up to 212 but it was still shy of the manuals 238 the most interesting thing about the RX 8 was its Rotary. rotary engine which functions differently than a typical car combustion engine with Pistons and cylinders the rx7 also used A. a rotary engine but the RX 8 has been the last Car. car ever to use a rotary because there are A. a few Drawbacks. drawbacks which I’ll cover In.

in a few minutes these days used RX 8 Models.

models are pretty Affordable. affordable they range on auto trader from about $17,000 for low mileage Late.

late production are three versions down to about $4,000 for high mileage early production examples that’s not a lot of money for something that’s so unique so today I’m gonna check out the rx8 and find out if it’s worth Considering.

considering first I’m gonna take you on a tour of it and show you all of the quirks and features of the quirkiest Mazda. Mazda of the 2000s then I’m gonna get it Out.

out on the road and drive it and then I’m going to give it a dug score alright I’m gonna start the perks and features of the rx8 with one of its most bizarre quirks and that would be its key your car probably Has. has a key that looks this or maybe this not the RX. RX 8 the RX 8 Key.

key looks this which is very unorthodox it’s a rectangle very thin with four buttons At. at the top now the Images. images on these buttons have worn off that I would imagine it’s locked unlock and then maybe the trunk and the panic button the intent for this key was that you were supposed to use it a credit card You.

you would stick it in Your