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Top 8 Pictures Aston Martin One 77 Wallpaper

credit UK and in print magazine well today we’ve got a really special Evo diary for you because we have the Aston Martin one77 credibly rare car Only. only 77 built and to put that perspective that’s about twice as rare as a Pagani or about 6 times rarer than a Bugatti Veyron incredibly rare makes a Faberge Egg. egg look Commonplace. commonplace this car Ultra exclusives just everything is different on this car to any other Aston really carbon fibre construction 7.3 litre v12 under the bonnet beautiful details throughout do I really want to show you so let’s start at the front at the business end with the engine first thing to Note. note on the front of these vents this Vent. vent is actually how The. the engine breeze or have a Look. look when you lift a bonnet the moment and these Don’t. don’t ever touch these These.

these are made of titanium and This. this is the heat from the exhaust go up a chimney and then they hit these so they’re always venting heat but absolutely redhot if you were to touch them underneath well look at it I mean it’s one of those cars that really all have a glass bonnet on it the engine first of all starts life as a normal 6 litre engines the same but they remove the liners and put a very special coating on the cylinders to open it up the CC of it it’s now a 7.3 liter V12. v12 rather than the standard 6 litre Helps