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9 Photos Chevy Truck Wallpaper

I have absolutely massive Chevrolet Silverado so this is an alternative to the Ford f150 pickup and the Dodge Ram believe it or not this is One. one of the most popular vehicles sold in the United States they shift around 40,000 of these a month bonkers I’m gonna turn tell me why this thing is just so popular by giving you a jolly good reviewing now to do that I’ll talk around the exterior Design. design this is not a face you don’t want to argue with let you have a look inside oh this is good for a bicep Workout. workout show you how practical it is you’ve caught me in bed and take it for a drive but before we get into that please make sure you to this and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you’re alerted when we make a new er you don’t miss a single let’s start this review by talking about the Silverados design so here on the tailgate you have chevrolet Proudly. proudly embossed on the back chrome exhaust arounds they’re not the exact exhaust outlet because the pipe is in there but that’s what AMG does So.

so I’m gonna forgive them for that I do this guitar lights with the cutout in Them. them pretty cool this one it’s called the Trail Boss oh yeah now that means It’s. it’s got a range of offroad upgrades such as a 2inch lift to It. it suspension and some rugged Offroad. offroad e tires these are running on 18inch alloy wheels that you can get this truck with up to 22 inch alloys now down the Side. side it looks pretty much any other pickup it’s very generic I did the steps to have at the side really tough and Rugged. rugged moving to the front of the car you see this z71 badging there at the front it’s really distinctive that it sort of reminds me of a Camaro with the sleek lights but then just bigger scarier super aggressive and you’ve got some rugged towing eyes here and because It’s. it’s the Trail Boss model there in red I want To. to show you this look these vents aren’t all fake they actually help smooth air flow down the side of this big beast today one Thing. thing I really really wouldn’t Want. want to get knocked down all of these in fact if I could choose any car to not get knocked down by it would probably be this because it just looks super frightening on the inside the Silverado has a tradition pick up design in the way that your is basically a wall it’s just a vertical slab there are bits of trim to try and liven it up such as the metallic looking plastic here and the air vents and some questionable wood Looking. looking trim on the door terms of quality well the center armrest is padded so this on the door on the door toxic things That