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Favorite 7 Good View Wallpaper Dodge Demon

experienced and as you’d expect from a car that’s limited to 168 miles per hour out on the road the demon does feel pretty fast at supercar fast hypercar fast I Don’t. don’t know you know this isn’t some strippeddown sports car this is a big comfy Cruiser two metric Tons.

tons of big comfy Cruiser to be Precise. precise there’s no hybrid energy recovery gizmos it’s just a big motor and there’s no supercar Spec.

spec double clutch gearbox it’s just a big automatic to be honest it’s Kind.

kind of just a Dodge and I gotta say I’ve driven quite a few dodges over the years And. and they’re not my favorite the interiors are very plastic and cheap feeling and while it’s no A.

a supercar on the inside it doesn’t corner .

one either you tried to go around this corner in the demon as fast as you go around this corner of the lot for but you wouldn’t go around that corner the road This.

this the demon just would not see Which.

which way a Supercar. supercar with hands me to say it but it’s true so there you go question answer for eighty four thousand nine hundred and Ninety. ninety five dollars you can’t buy a car that’ll outrun anything else on the planet however four eighty four thousand nine hundred ninety six dollars you Might. might just be able to because When. when You. you buy a demon dodge will also give you the option to spend $1 more on a Creative.

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