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you are joining this journey randomly and you haven’t been following the uh dbx story uh we are down at a wonderful company in birmingham called vortons uh Who. who have been making aston martin badges for how long nick uh since about the 1960s 90s and 60s okay so today we are here to make the badge which is going to go on the jww edition Dbx. dbx uh for anyone tuning in now i have been part of the most incredible journey to create a series production car Which. which i’ve had the honor actually Of. of designing um i Still. still can’t believe that those words are leaving my mouth it still feels a bit odd uh but a really big part of this project is that we are making our own custom batch now when this project started i wasn’t aware of what a big deal that was but marek reichman at aston said for a spot of context mate what you’ve asked us To. to do is going To. to chanel and asking them to flip the seas so i was okay i didn’t Realize. realize it was that big a deal so here we are at the company vortons that make the badges a spot of context how Long.

long have you been doing this For.

for well uh company was established in 1819 so a while uh two and it was 200 years old last year okay uh the wings badges themselves supplying aston martin heritage since around the 60s