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JDM Mac this leads you through installation and gets you started using the new jeppesen distribution manager software to get started you’ll need A. a mac desktop or notebook computer with OS 10 running 10.6 or later administrator privileges with an account and password for the Mac and an internet connection first you’ll need to download the program installer open your web browser go to jeppesen comm slash JDM / download once you get to this page you’ll See.

see a link where you can download and install the application you’ll also see A.

a list of all the avionics Systems.

systems supported with this first Release. release of the application we’ll be adding additional avionics in future versions on the bottom of the page you’ll see a link to the JDM qst and online Help.

help click the download’ JDM link and save the installation package file doubleclick the installation package when the download is finished minimize or close all browser windows and click continue read and agree to the license Agreement. agreement click install for all users click continue click install enter your Mac administrator username and password you enter your Mac administrator password one more time once installation is successful click close the program is added to installer note do not move the JDM app icon to the Desktop. desktop the application will not function properly if you prefer a desktop shortcut instead of An. an icon in the dock drag the JDM. JDM app app folder from finder to the desktop