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prosperous with great historical position men sitar was the prince of Maha purush young as he might be to serve in the forces he was respected with his remarkable achievements And. and was called One. one Of. of the four great generals of Maha pura but heroes could never avoid falling for beauty’s Mincy thar met up with a beautiful girl on the lake side of the palace and soon later they fell in love with each other however his father the King knew about it very quickly men sitar begged and begged but still his father’s strongly stood against his love dance was the atmosphere when the King held the holy spirit towards his son then sitars father couldn’t be more furious with sitar realized his decision could not be changed and the Consequence. consequence had already been beyond control he was driven out of the palace years flew by and the King got serious disease with few days left the palace was covered in sadness and panicky rebel and unrest seize the chance and the whole palace fell into chaos foreign forces started their invasion upon hearing the dead of the king poor Maher pur was under Will. will of Its. its enemies and soon became devastated A.

a messenger managed to escape quietly And. and found mints it honor the former Prince he told moon CIPA that the King. King had long ago forgiven him and now my harp Europe was in great crisis the prince should take the holy spear and save the kingdom And