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7 Good View E92 M3 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

you, then please switch off immediately and never click on a father again, never again that’s a bmw the 290. . then as now the thermometer on the main more the M3. m3 for me personally an absolutely emotional topic for two reasons in my youth the m3 e92 was the. symbol of a sports car it Was.

was the first moment when i thought yes exactly because of this car i am car Cared.

cared for and of course it is always attached to the wall as a poster i will never forget And.

and secondly here these sucker. v8 are a couple that will slowly die out in a world that is Ruled. ruled by turbos there are those you don’t want anymore it’s a pity friends purists and all petrolheads out there please lean back grabs some popcorn and now enjoy this m3 with me and that’s why I want to see this power plant first of all look at the bonnet slumbering i stop for a moment press the power button bbc2 lights up and then we’ll take a look at each other freshly 1 0 to 104 mm 3 otherwise. his three friends 18 amazing what an unbelievable firework display he burns into the ground hallelujah that really does a lot fun so i haven’t mentioned any data yet because it all went too fast for me hold on here 420. 420 hp and 400 newton meters has 4.8 to 100. and believe it or not 16 seconds to 200