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Top Mercedes C63 Amg Wallpaper With 7 Pictures

a dream car strong and harmonious shape and impressive driving values that mercedes amg c 3 s coupé facelift welco. e to the bilster berg for the prese tation of mercedes Amg. amg c63 Facel. facel ft what has changed on the outside i’m d ing a very quick numbe out front the panamericana grill known from the mercedes amg gt r is now the amg face par excellence of course the c63 must have here too then we have the cross brace at the air intakes has just changed a bit optically at the front also what do we do here the side Gives.

gives new rim design solero be more dynamic and then we can already go to the rear , also because there are small changes, especially in the area of the exhaust system and diffuser and o the board we ca see what is written here, that this s the c63 es hanne and much more impor ant the external changes are of course those that affect the fan ung on The.

the fan and that’s exactly why we’re here that’s why we get in town and drive off from the outside the changes are manageable . let’s start slowly and start on the country road to get used to the c 63 s coupé The. the most important change here in c 63 facelift from my point of view the steering wheel , i now have The. the touchpads here that i also know from the e class or The