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8 Good View Willys Jeep Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

so much luxury car report as it is the classic car report because here we have an original 1942 Willys and be the father of all jeeps and Today. today we’re going to show you everything about it in the Donald World War two the u.s. army organized a bid To. to design a light 4×4 personnel weapons carrier after a Model. model a prototype of Willysoverland.

willysoverland won the bid both Willy’s and Ford would be contracted by the army to produce the release MB which stands for model B interestingly the characteristic stamp slotted grill comes from Ford as an improvement to the original welded slat grille this was the beginning of what would later become the G brand in a particular the Jeep Wrangler See. see any Similarities.

similarities here I. I brought two of Jim’s younger siblings To. to compare them to the original Willys and B and as you can see Jeep is still really true to the original Jeep design all of these jeeps have the typical slotted grille and the round headlamps of course Of. of all the current G models The. the Wrangler still resembles the original Willys and be the most with its pick out fenders and even The. the hood latches that are still the same as they were on the Willy’s and B yup so what does it to drive him Willy Zombie. zombie what can we say it’s incomparable to any car You. you can imagine if you’ve never driven a car that’s that’s Basic. basic and it’s old and Pure