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Favorite Blue Ferrari Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

here Oxfordshire I’m at Bicester heritage for those you guys who have been here before I’ve never and I’m gutted man seems I’m missing out on Some. some amazing things but invited I’ve. I’ve been invited it’s that cold my lips don’t articulate properly but invited back here by the guys that listed to make a proper and I will because there is it’s amazing here it’s Unbelievable. unbelievable but in the meantime we’re back with Sam those of you guys who follow The.

the regularly will be familiar with him and the last time we Worked. worked your property on this I think was Nice. nice driving no gt3 out III Alps Gt3. gt3 but today we’re gonna get something blue But. but way more exciting . I mean as far as eventful things go even in the cold in the wet opening the door re f40 is somewhat of an occasion now there is actually a boot in these cars but it’s somewhat of a pain and often there’s a spare wheel in there that we’re gonna get into so just quick it what’s the name of The. the blue on this car it’s it’s one I sort of Made.

made up yeah so I took TDF. TDF and was that’s too dark yeah so we made it a Bit. bit lighter so this is a bespoke Blue. blue this is bespoke horatora weather’s probably I need three 40s that we’re aware of in blue yeah something that this being one so this Is