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Favorite Audi Desktop Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

not worry about all jokes aside though this screen is freaking awesome it looks so much better brings the car right up to date this is the screen That. that We. we sell for the A4. a4 s4 a5 s5 and the sq5 and q5 runs the android operating system i’ll link all the Specs. specs below the link To. to buy the uh Module. module the Screen.

screen will be there As. as well so we’ll Go. go through the whole install today this thing is you’ll see how It.

it works i think it’s so good you’ve got the android operating system you’ve Got. got the audi mmi system that also works through the screen so you don’t lose anything i’m probably gonna put one in my car and i know we’ve already Got. got another customer paul he’s gonna be keen to chuck one in his sq5 as well so without further ado Let’s. let’s jump right into it Alright.

alright guys so this is The. the kit there’s a few things in here so we have mounting hardware okay we’ve got the screen itself there It. it is there looking nice that’s the back okay it’s got 4g and sim card capability more mounting hardware right here and then All. all the fun part so We’ve. we’ve got gps antenna wifi antenna plugandplay harness we’re going to go through all of that as well then we’ve got i Think. think one of These.

these that will be Power. power for the hazard light switch so one of those panels i showed you just before has A