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Top Ford Focus St Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

the market, meanwhile we are at the mk4 as before, that means the fourth generation and today I wanted to put the brand new facelift was the fourth generation that the forester could have shown you with the facelift stop by now we’ll get it again with the focus after unnaturally snatched from the car dealership starts and today also with The. the beautiful s t variant that Means. means the strongest focus that you can currently buy as standard will of course show you everything that has changed extremely technically interview technical there was also a round what has gotten better what has perhaps gotten worse what has been dropped everything that I. I just want to focus on the facelift of the focus s t or in general today because this is our first also talk a bit about the general focus everything we know is what we will tell you today and with that I greet also very warmly his new episode of Blackrocks. blackrocks 34 from the beautiful black forest with the brand new one . if the crisis is we will miss us should of course to to us we are Happy. happy and we continue to grow can not show more and more the bell is for You will then be notified as soon as we a new about the new focus, which currently Starts. starts at 23 1660 euros euros all prices all dates as always i always say it now at the Time