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of Love the big screen the Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most recognizable cars ever made in its 81 year run the quirky Car. car sold over 23 million Units. units and left Tread. tread Marks. marks on 91 countries worldwide but in 2019 Volkswagen officially produced its last beetle so how did this tiny German car take over the world and has it really met its end the Volkswagen dates all the way back to the 1930s commissioned by none other than Adolf Hitler the Nazi. Nazi dictator wanted a car that the general public Could. could afford so Hitler tapped engineer And.

and Nazi Party member Ferdinand Porsche yes that Porsche he designed the Volkswagen or were the people’s car out of all the ideas that Nazis had it’s the one non terrible Idea. idea because a cheap car for everybody a sort of thing that the Model T was in America and the Mini. Mini was in the UK the Volkswagen type 1 was a twodoor car with an aircooled engine in the back production began in Wolfsburg Germany.

Germany in 1938 but when world war ii started manufacturing for the general public stopped the only Volkswagens made at the time Were. were for military officials hitler himself drove a convertible version after the war the British took over the factory and within the first year they’d produced 10000 beetles because it filled the demand for cheap and practical cars across wartorn Europe plus it was good on gas Which. which was still expensive and In. in short Supply. supply in a lot of places part of the reasons Got. got to the curb Design. design is to minimize the amount of sheet metal that it uses so it was a resource efficient design relatively it took a lot of human power to build them but that was actually a good thing at the time because they wanted to give people jobs in 1949 Volkswagen took the beetle to the United States and it was a massive success un the big flashy cars popular of that era With. with our chrome and fins the beetles modest size And.

and teardrop shape stood out You. you look at it headon the biggest thing you’ll notice compared to an average car say the fifties or sixties is there’s no big grill not intimidating in any way it’s got big Round.

round headlights big friendly eyes it wasn’t aggressive it wasn’t trying to hurt you it was your pal it was your Car.

car not only was a cute it was durable at Volkswagen we don’t worry About. about how our car look we worry about how it works they Built.

built the hell out of me so many other car makers coming into America had problems where their car is just not being built to take the massive scale of America the beetles engine was designed to be low ready you could drive It. it flat out all day and it’s not gonna kill it no one better catapult the beetle to success in the States an advertiser bill Bernbach